Attending College Experience

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Many students share different experiences attending college. For some, these experiences can impact a students overall success; for others, dreams and goals are achieved. Most importantly, students need good role models so that they are confident as well as having the knowledge and skills to succeed. However when these expectations arn’t met, a students future may be at risk. Therefore, one expectation students have attending college is having teachers that are passionate about their work. When a teacher is passionate, the student is able to comprehend the course work and perhaps have a chance at a better life. This was a problem I faced attending high school and I always feared the same would happen once I started college.

Through out high
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I’ve never really given college much thought since I had that horrible experience in high school. I feared the same would happen and I would lose interest in school. I started attending MJC in the fall of 2011. At first I had struggled to stay focused, but sure enough after the first year I found to be wrong about my preconceived notions. In fact, because college courses require so much participation between students and instructors everyone benefited. During that first year, my professors made me and my classmates aware that we were their top priority. Out of all my years attending high school, never have I enjoyed the learning environment in such a way that everyone else did. Finally, teachers that have a passion and understood their students needs. These teachers were special, they represented them selves as good role models. These teachers gave students a sense of identity to follow and they allowed for a students true creativity to reflect in their school work. For once I felt motivated not only for my self, but as well for others to succeed. My teachers made me and my classmates aware that school can be enjoyable. The fear of not doing well in college as a result of the experience I faced in high school had been eliminated. As of today, when I see new students attending college for their first time, I greet them with encouragement as perhaps maybe they shared the same questions and fears that I once

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