Four Types Of Attachment Analysis

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Psychologists and scientists have been debating the actions and motives of human behavior for years. What makes them tick, how they bond with others, and the topic of how and why people form attachment the way that they do, that started in the 1990s. Essentially, it all comes down to one thing: Does attachment form from a person’s environment or are they born with a gene that decides that type of attachment for them? If a person were to ask a psychologist, they would tell them attachment stems from their environment rather than genetics.
To start with, there are four attachment types: secure, anxious-preoccupied, ambivalent (dismissive-avoidant), and fearful-avoidant and each affects the way a person handles life experiences and their responses
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Presently, she goes to school and babysits them while her step-mom goes to college to become an art teacher and her dad works two or three jobs. The result is that she is still pretty much raising herself.
Liv has tried telling Jen that she needs to stand up for herself, pointing out that she is not her siblings’ parent and should not be raising them. However, every time Liv does this, Jen tells her that it could be worse and that she’s in a better situation than when she was with her mom. Liv didn’t understand how someone could live this way until Jen explained and told her everything that had happened when she lived with her mother.
Throughout all of Jen’s relationships, it always seems like pouring her heart into it while the other person wasn’t very responsive nor as reliable. They were never there for her when she needed them to be, and she had constantly vented to Liv about them. In her friendships, she would get offended easily. If Liv were to forget to tell her something then, she would get overly emotional or feel like chopped liver, and at times this irritated her the way that Jen would try and guilt trip her. Many times Liv felt as if she could have no life or keep things to herself because Jen would end up finding out whatever it was by either Liv’s ex or asking other people. It got annoying because there were sometimes that Liv didn’t or couldn’t talk to her because Jen would be searching for a solution to whatever problem, she was having and wouldn’t understand that Liv needed to vent and she didn’t want help fixing the

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