Sheep Character Analysis

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My older sister, Jen, has always had a mild personality. Her shyness is not what makes her a sheep, though, as it is rather her perception of the world and everybody in that makes her fit into the sheep category. There are three types of people according to Dave Grossman’s On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs, and while I do not agree with Grossman that the world can be divided into three separate groups, the general basis of his idea is just. According to Grossman, you are a wolf that preys on the weak, a sheep that is weak, or a sheepdog that protects the sheep from the wolves. It is not to say that 100% of the time Jen is a sheep and doesn’t have the ability to be anything other than that, but for the most part, Jen is defined most accurately …show more content…
Jen has always done her very best to find the good in people. An example of her being overly forgiving is with one of her high school relationships. It has been a couple of years, and she has learned a lot from her experience with this certain ex-boyfriend, but even now she still gives him the benefit of the doubt. After dating for a couple of months, Jen and her boyfriend broke up and he started being a sleaze not long after. Despite knowing what he had been doing the short period of time that they were not together, she forgave him in took him back in a heartbeat. It was no surprise when he was caught being unfaithful not long after they began their relationship for a second time. Being forgiving is a good character trait to have, but in this case, it is clear that he did not deserve the grace that Jen put forth after their relationship had ended, and it ended up coming back to bite her. A sheepdog would have given little to no mercy to this wolf of an ex-boyfriend. This is the kind of situation that makes it easy to separate people into different boxes, because where the sheepdog would be fierce, the sheep would be overly sympathetic to a …show more content…
Even at the age of 13 it was apparent that Jen was a sheep. She was not confident, and desperately wanted to please her peers in order to be apart of the in-crowd. Throughout Jen’s middle school years, her “friends” bullied her and wrecked her self esteem by humiliating and making fun of her. These malicious girls did not single Jen out though, but instead had no problem doing the same thing to other students as well. Jen was aware of how pathetic her compliance was, but she did not care one bit. Standing aside and allowing someone to tear a person down is a strong indicator that they are a sheep. Jen did not only let herself be tormented, but she also said nothing as her friends bullied other students, making it evermore clear that Jen is a

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