Athletic Facility and Management Planning Project Essay

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Florida Gulf Coast University’s Football Stadium
SPM – 4104 Sport Facility and Event Management, Spring 2011
“The Eagles Nest”

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Objectives 3 Background 3 Planning and Facility Design 5 Facility Management 6 Ticketing/Box Office 6 Timeline 7 References 7


Since the move toward an NCAA Division 1 program in 2008, FGCU Athletics showed how quickly it was able to adapt to a more competitive league by finishing their debut year with three A-Sun Conference championships along with setting several NCAA records. The school came close to defeating the University of Florida in the women's basketball NIT tournament, and the baseball team almost defeated the University of Miami, which ranked
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The majority of the funding will not come from the state, as some may think. Instead, it will be solicited from private funds and student fees.
Even though a certain student enrollment size is not required to start a football program, it is helpful to have 20,000 or more students enrolled, since the majority of athletic department funds are derived from student fees.
One factor that must be taken into consideration is Title IX, which ensures gender equity in the university. By starting a football program, the athletic department would need to match the amount of players coming in with a similar number of female athletes. "At this point we are very well suited for our gender equity component," FGCU interim athletic director Jo-Ann Nester said. "The issue with that in football is that you are adding 85 to 110 bodies. The expenses for the start-up are understandable. What wouldn't be understandable is if we don't create opportunities on the female side to offset the amount of football players." (Amy Hoffman, FGCU’s Football Future)
The football specific stadium will replicate the Florida Atlantic University football stadium as shown in the picture on the cover page. This stadium will be used solely by the university’s football program. FAU’s stadium seats about 30,000. At FGCU, we would create a capacity of about 15,000-20,000, with the ability to expand to 35,000-45,000.
As soon as FGCU would be able to get the board of governors to approve

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