The Project Management Office (PMO) Of Pinellas County

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1. Team Building
The Project Management Office (PMO) of Pinellas County must use the following two-step process to create a highly effective and efficient team. The scope of the project must be defined and human capital needs must be outlined to ensure the expertise and skills needed to successfully meet the objectives are acquired through the talent management process to build the team. The following criteria must be demonstrated to be considered as a candidate for the team.
1. Creativity
The PMO is in need of innovators, who think creatively. Creativity is highly associated with “intelligence, motivation, ambition, persistence, commitment, determination, education and curiosity” (Thompson, 2014).
2. Brainstorming Skills
Team members must demonstrate they know how to effectively brainstorm in the traditional settings and understand the importance of electronic brainstorming. This skill is imperative when developing strategies to rebuild depressed communities such as Lealman, Kenneth City, Highpoint, Largo, Tarpon Springs
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Obstacles cause team members to become angry, scared, and difficult to work with. If not resolved, these barriers can cause a decline in morale resulting in a decline in productivity. The County is currently facing many challenges that has caused conflict within teams, such as, rising poverty, lack of funding, and budget deficits. Stressful issues causing conflict can be handled with an effective conflict management strategy.
Continuous utilization of conflict management strategies will help the PMO to ensure conflict is being kept at a minimum. Effective conflict management should identify the conflict and its effect on team’s performance and outcomes. Understanding the issues and developing a plan that is mutually beneficial to both parties can help create a lean communication environment and prevent the conflict from recurring.
7. Team Composition and

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