Athletes Should Learn A Technique Through Their Own Proper Spatial Awareness

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stage” where behavior becomes natural and unforced (Martens, 164-166). Therefore, athletes should learn a technique through their own proper spatial awareness and change it relative to their body mechanics and structure rather than memorize a set pattern that a world champion in the past has used.
Tactics also need to be learned because a thinking athlete oftentimes will win over another athlete that does not know the game situations in times of adversity. Firstly, athletes need to know how to “read the situation” by developing the cognitive skills that are relative to their position (Martens, 182). For instance, a shooting guard in basketball does not need to be as skilled at posting up as a center does, so he should be spread more to the outside of the court. “Decision making skills” involve learning the skills in successive parts rather than focusing on the whole routine (Martens, 191). Observation of other athletes of similar skill, and “variable practices” are also beneficial in developing a strong tactical mindset (Martens, 192). If practices are adjusted for individual positions, specific drills are used, and proper in game strategies are learned and contemplated on; then athletes will be better fared to react to whatever unpredictable scenarios they may face in game.
Practice should also be structured properly utilizing proper principles of physical training. Aerobic fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility need to be balanced into a…

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