Athletes Should Athletes Take Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

1454 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
It is morally incorrect to cheat on a test as a student. The student who cheated have an edge and advantage over the students using their knowledge, and give in their best to try and accomplish their goals. Not only in life do people cheat to improve and make themselves look better, but also in sports. Imagine taking these illegal substances that will go against your beloved sport, being booed on stage thus destroying your dignity. Athletes take performance enhancing drugs to gain fame and make themselves look better than other athletes. Should athletes take a risky gamble and pay millions of dollars to take performance enhancing drugs? The answer is no, athletes are wasting millions to make the entertaining game they desire for unfair. If caught, athletes can find themselves in a deep hole, not only would they be in a trouble hole and possible side effects that may impact to their body for their entire lives. Athletes who use PEDs should result in major consequences, these consequences should include suspensions and major fines and apologies to the beloved sport, and fans. Side effects after taking performance enhancing drugs may appear and ruin an athlete 's life, and banning performance enhancing drugs sets a good example for the upcoming and youth athletes Performance enhancing drugs, also referred to as PEDs are often used and have become a practice in many sports figures. Most commonly used in baseball, Performance enhancing drugs affect the human body in many ways,…

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