Asthma SWOT Analysis

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The final step in strategic management is to analyze the outcomes of strategic planning and implementation of four areas: S: Strengths, W: Weakness, O: Opportunities and T: Threats (SWOT) as stated by Huber (2014). In addition, Huber reported that health care organizations utilized this strategy to analyze the internal and external features of the organization, and also accomplishments and areas in need of improvement. Coral Springs Medical Center (CSMC) where this writer conducted the asthma SWOT analysis. The preceptor assigned is Perla Bueno a pediatric clinical specialist. Perla Bueno RN-BSN, MSN has been a nurse for the past 24 years, six as which as a pediatric clinical specialist (P. Bueno, personal communication, November 16, 2016). Mrs. Bueno’s goals are to promote research and excellence in patient care by continually developing and implement evidence based practice, while assisting in nursing 's professional growth and …show more content…
According to Broward Health (2016). Coral Springs Medical Center, located 3000 Coral Hills Dr. Coral Springs, Florida 33065 is a hospital providing a wide array of medical and surgical services to Broward County since 1987. Conversely, Broward Health (2016) states that CSMC is one of the five major hospitals in the Broward healthcare system providing expert care to the Broward County community offering more than 50 medical specialties including pediatrics emergency services, level 2 pediatric intensive care unit and pediatric inpatient services with multiple specialties. The data collection was held on the pediatric unit of the third floor at CSMC. The research conducted using with data comparison pre and post implementation of length of stay. A decrease length of stay overall by one day and none of the patients returned to any Broward health facility within 7

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