Assisted Suicide Is An Option Essay

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Assisted Suicide
“ The fundamental question about assisted suicide is whether it is liberation movement for human freedom or an aggressive drive to exterminate the weak, the old and the different, this question can now be answered. It is both” (Fenigsen, 2014). People in society are becoming more accepting with the idea of assisted suicide, knowing that it helps people die with dignity who are in immense pain and feel as if they can 't live comfortably anymore.
If one has the right to live one should also have the right to die. If a patient is ever in a situation where assisted suicide is an option, it gives a person the opportunity to die knowing it was their decision and they may die with dignity. If a patient is given the option of assisted suicide, they are often known to postpone or even cancel their procedure. Most individuals feel comfort and an inner peace knowing that this is an option if their disease or illness takes a turn for the worse. “People should have freedom of choice, including the right to control their own body and life, the state should not create laws that prevent people being able to choose when and how they die” (There are arguments, 2014). It is every person 's fundamental right to choose when and how they die. No one should be able to take that human right away. If dying is truly a part of life itself, theoretically one should be able to choose death over life when one’s quality of life is no longer worth living. A few cases where a…

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