Assisted Suicide : An Example Of A Survivor Essay

1359 Words Mar 9th, 2015 6 Pages
“If I had opted for assisted suicide back in the mid-1980s when I first developed MS, and it seemed life as I knew it was over, look what I would have missed” (Pacholczyk). When you decide to take your own life, you miss out on truly amazing things. This woman is an example of a survivor. She got help like all patients should and continued to live. Patients often are not thinking consciously when making this life ending decision and leave their families in a world of pain and allow their disease to take full control of their lives. There is usually a possibility that life for these patients could become better and they would miss out on amazing things by ending their life. Life is full of opportunity, ending a life is eliminating all opportunity and leaves unhealable wounds for family and friends. When a family member opts for assisted suicide, it is not only upsetting, but the situation often becomes overwhelming. There is often a ton of strain on the family ranging from funeral costs to personal disagreements. “Regardless of how it transpires, it is a catastrophe for those who end their own lives and for loved ones left behind” (Pacholczyk). Loved ones are often left to wonder what they could have done and even feel guilty for what happened. These family members of the patients who partake in assisted suicide often end up with psychological disorders brought upon by the loss of a their loved one. They feel as though if their family member or friend would have stayed…

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