Assimilation American Culture

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Peter D. Salins wrote this article to elaborate on how assimilation of the American style of living is beneficial for everyone. Assimilation doesn't always mean that when you come to a different country and adopt the culture of the new land that you forget about your original culture. Many people see this as a negative thing but in reality it's adopting a new culture as well as having your own cultural as well. Of course there's always going to be people that are against immigrants coming into America. For example, having Mexican come into our country and us having to accommodate to their culture because there are a lot more Mexicans coming into our country each year. Nowadays it's common for you to learn Spanish because a lot of the minorities …show more content…
He has two theories the American left and the American right. The American right is the believe that immigrants are welcome to this country and assimilate to the culture but don't forget about their own culture. Also there are welcoming to more immigrants coming into our country to better themselves. Then there is the American left which is more against immigrants coming to America. The immigrants that already to live there they feel like they should adjust to our culture and only our culture. More so at least if they're going to be a part of our country to learn our language and we shouldn't have to accommodate for their culture and learn their language. I wouldn't say I'm either left or right because I agree on both sides to a certain extent. The only part that I can say I really agree on, the left side is that I think they should learn our native tongue and you shouldn't have to accommodate completely because they don't speak. There are many qualified people don't get jobs because they are not bilingual in other languages. I don't think that every immigrant has to completely conform to the social norm of America but the reason why they did come to this country is to better them and learn the lay of the land. America is known for being able to say and do whatever you please without any consequences, unless you break the love course which is an acceptable. Many people from other countries are attracted to that and want to come here for that reason alone because other governments are very strict and their government and law making. Our country is known for the people having the freedom of speech. The United States is probably one of the most flexible places to live in because we are open to be or do whatever you want. There are other places around the world that I have to listen to the government or will still be severely punished and we don't

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