Cultural Assimilation And Retroculturation

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Assimilation and Retroculturation When people talk about assimilation, they think about a cultural issue and identity problems. Identities and culture are easily changed and replaced. However, as the society develops, more immigrants not only fit into another cultural assimilation but also have interest in retroculturation. Because of economics and social factors, people may lose their identities to have a better future.The essay “Leave Your Name at the Border” written by Manuel Munoz, talks about the anglicization of Latino names in American culture. Because many Mexicans names are mispronounced , they have to change their name and accept American culture.In addition, they realize that their …show more content…
Individuals have their own self value and they all have different ways to achieve it. Having more responsibility and showing their self abilities can be defined as self worth. To define self-value can have economic and social factors. In the article, Munoz talks his stepfather as an instance to explain his self-worth due to the economic and social factors. Munoz says that “ English was a world of power and decisions, of smooth , uninterrupted negotiation”(309).English is not the native language for Mexicans but it is the most powerful language around the world.Because of the language limits, some Americans discriminate Mexicans and limit them to get well paid work opportunities.In addition, it also affect them to have a better development.Munoz’s step father is a example to show the limitation. He learns English to have a better future and have more fieldwork. He wants to have a higher position at work. Moreover,they desire to get more Americans’ respect and praise from his employers. In addition, he needs to use English to communicate with others to get more money .Thus,English and a new identity of the dominant society can offer him a better future and a higher social status.For most Mexicans, having a higher position and to be wealthy is their self-esteem.They need to change their identities to present their self ability to define their self value. As for Spanish younger generations, they have their different opinion of self value and they have various ways to define it. Will Cain, who is an American but interests in Hispanic culture says “In fact, many in the second and third generation don’t even speak Spanish. What ties them together, the one single tie that binds all these cultures” ( Alvarez 56).A quinceanera is a sacred ritual and it represents the cultural combination. Because of the economic and social factors, the

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