Cultural Assimilation Of Western Culture Analysis

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For the past 50 years, many eastern countries like China and Japan become westernized credit to the globalization. Back to the days, not that many people can speak a second language. No need to mention they certainly cannot communicate with foreigners. Only few elites have the resources to acknowledge western cultures. Nevertheless, globalization made western way of life approach majority people in China. For instance, you can find simple English words on the street in China that was impossible 50 years ago. I personally think there are many reasons devoted to cultural assimilation. The three factors that contribute to cultural assimilation are: people sharing the same popular cultures, people can communicate through the Internet globally, and people can …show more content…
United States has the biggest entertainment industry among the world: Hollywood. An example that demonstrates this argument can be found in the modern music industry. Famous musicians in the United States such as Rihanna and Jay.z are well known stars in most countries. Another example that further supports the idea that countries are sharing the same Western lifestyle is everyone is watching Western movies. The recent 007 series just been released, and it is playing in large numbers of countries. The transformer series sold worth billions dollars of tickets in China. The reason why cultures are being assimilated into Western way of life is those movies and music are well accepted in many countries. I personally enjoyed “Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter “and “Game of Throne” very much. The original novel “Lord of the Rings” had been translated over 60 languages and sold billions of copies. The “Harry Potter” was legend for my generation. “Game of the Throne” written by George R.R. Martin is the hottest novel today. The modern Western fiction novels greatly affect the whole world, so are the movies and

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