Home Of The Brave : Immigration And America Essay

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Home of the Brave: Immigration and America
Americans have had varying attitudes towards immigrants since it’s inception. Some have been very welcoming and sympathetic to an immigrants plight for freedom and happiness. Others have been cautious, and strict. Amongst the less sympathetic, xenophobia is present in their discourse. They believe that America and it’s Dream belong to Americans only, rejecting to aid any perceived outsiders in pursuit of what they believe is rightfully theirs. Despite such extremes, immigrants have been an integral part to American society, and the more reasonable opinions on both sides of the argument agree that immigrants deserve the right to live amongst, and become, Americans.
Emma Lazarus expresses a friendly, open welcome to immigrants in a sonnet titled The New Colossus. It is a moving description of the Statue of Liberty that welcomed so many immigrants upon their arrival at Ellis Island. Lazarus bestows the title “Mother of Exiles” on the statute, reflecting her attitude and belief that America was home to immigrants who faced hardships and persecutions back in their place of origin. Emma goes on to state “From her beacon-hand/Glows world-wide welcome…” , depicting America as welcoming to not just a select few, but all across the Earth. The last five lines are the invitation to all that wish to pursue the American Dream. Emma says “…Give me your tired, your poor/ Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free/ The wretched refuse of your…

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