Assignment 2 Linux Security Essay

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Linux Security Technology Security of a system is important in our today’s use of the internet. That is why Linux with its many layers that are always evolving in security to protect against all kinds of hackers or othe types of attacks . SELinux, Chroot Jail, IPTables, Mandatory Access Control and Discrestionary Access Control, just to name a few. SELinux is an access control implementation for the Linux kernel. Take for instants that you are the administrator and you define rules in user space and if the Linux kernel has been added with SELinux support, then those rules will be followed by the kernel. SELinux is a NSA Security-Enhanced Linux, in which the mandatory access control is flexible. The structure of SELinux supports …show more content…
Chroot is the system call which is used to change the root of a filesystem. By calling to the process you are requesting that the chroot is given to a directory and any process after that will only see what is in that directory. Thus not allowing anything outside the directory to see what is in that directory. Once the environment has been modified it becomes the chroot jail. In 1979 the development of the Version 7 Unix the chroot was created. The is no specific company that is behind the creation or use of the chroot jail. Iptables are essential to a secure system, and the need to be able to configure the firewall to certain specifics is in great demand by companies, especially high security agencies. There are several reasons for doing this, one may be because you want to free up bandwidth by blocking unwanted traffic that may be coming from sources that we don’t want to have access or may cause harm. The IPTables program allows the administrator to configure the firewall so that no unwanted applications or other clients trying to communicate can send malicious material to the operating system. Rusty Rusty Russell is from Australia, and works for IBM’s Linux Technology Center as Linux kernel hacker. Russell is known for writings on both netfilter/iptables and ipchains. Discretionary Access Control or DAC, is a type of access control that allows the administrator or authorized user to makes changes to the control

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