Unit 3 Assignment 1 Compare And Contrast Ethernet And Wireless Router

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A router's job is to connect to networks together, a router at home is connecting your computers network to your internet provider, there are two types of routers, wired and wireless. Most wireless routers also come with sockets for ethernet cables so it doubles as a wired router. For online gaming we want to the fastest and most secure connection possible. Some routers may only be able to function at a maximum speed so we want to get one that can match or exceed the speed of internet that we will be getting from our internet provider. We will use ethernet cables as they offer a more secure connection than wireless, we also want to make sure our ethernet cable is not holding back our internet's speed. If we have both a high quality router and ethernet cable then the quality of our internet will rely mainly on our provider which is something that is out of our control. Some companies offer their own router with an internet plan, but to get the most secure connection we may want to look at getting our own, although more expensive they often are more stable and can run at a faster rate.
System Software
Operating System
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Without and operating system you wouldn't see much, most likely your motherboard's BIOS settings. An operating system is there so you can use your computer, an operating system lets us install programs and browse the web, play games, look at photos. It does this through the use of our computers parts and our CPU. For gaming windows is the way to go in my opinion, windows supports a much larger market of games and there are very few games that are apple or linux exclusive. Windows 10 is the newest installment of windows and should be just what we need. The price may be higher than some free OSs but shouldn’t exceed

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