Assignment 1 Essay

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Taylor McClafferty
Business Law 200
Carroll 10:45-12
Assignment 1

Q: In your own words, describe your view of the purpose of law in the United States.

A: Personally, my view of the purpose of law the in the Untied States is that it establishes order and provides structure to society. Law is a complex set system that pulls most of its fundamentals from justice. As citizens of America, technically we’re all free but that doesn’t mean we can go out and do whatever we want. Laws set rules and regulations for all of society to abide by so order can be maintained while keeping the peace. If law didn’t exist, balance would fall out of place and the structure of society would collapse. Although there are various classes of society that
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The term justice plays a significant part of law as almost all aspects of law are based off and evolve around justice. Law is a set system while justice is a concept. Although the two go hand-in-hand with each other, they don’t always necessarily compliment each other well. For example, law and justice are not the same in the sense that an individual can be found guilty for some crime committed but while they are imprisoned it’s brought to light that in fact they are innocent and had no involvement with said violated crime. There is no way to justify the wrongful actions taken upon the innocent individual. There are many differences and similarities between law and justice. A blindfolded lady with a scale and sword in her hand often represents Law and justice. The blindfold is used to represent equality and the irrelevance of race, gender, physical appearance, etc. While the scale represents fairness, hearing both sides of the claim. Lastly the sword symbolizes the courts authoritative strength to administer the law and seek justice. Personally I think that law and justice have similar characteristics and both need each other to have some sort of checks and balances to keep each other in line. I do not think that they should be the same. Law is a set particular system that derives most of its applied concepts and ideology from justice. Justice is merely the basis for this complex

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