Essay about Assignment 1: It Consultation for Mr. Green

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You are a private computer consultant. Anew client, Mr. Green, has approached you to offer general IT consultation to his small business. Mr. Green’s business is currently not networked. However, his business is growing substantially and he is thinking about becoming networked. His IT infrastructure, as small as it is, consists of several stand-alone machines installed with Windows 7 Home Premium.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you analyze and solve the following issues:
Mr. Green recommends installing the Windows 7 Ultimate version since he believes all the networking features he requires can be provided by this “ultimate” version. Mr. Green’s stand-alone machines consist of 2 GHz processors, 4 GBs of system memory,
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Staff will also require seamless access to the cloud if the network goes down. Also, the network administrator that Mr. Green hires will need to quickly create Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and use tools to quickly troubleshoot potential IT issues. Mr. Green asks you if these things will be a concern with Windows 7.

6.List and describe the features of Windows 7 Ultimate that can provide all of this functionality, if existent.
Several years have passed, you are still providing networking consultation to Mr. Green, and his business has successfully grown into an enterprise running a Windows Server 2008 network. You need to install Windows 7 Enterprise and required updates, applications, etc. on a few dozen computers. Mr. Green has a computer with Windows 7 Enterprise and applications he uses for his business installed to use as a model for the computers he wants on his network.

7.Explain three (3) migration strategies that should be used in this scenario and how they differ from how you performed stand-alone installations of Windows 7 Ultimate a few years back.
For legacy testing purposes, a user requires two (2) different Windows-based operating systems installed on the same computer: Windows 98 and Windows XP Professional. You decide you want to configure a second computer to provide her with this capability.

8.List the steps necessary for providing a user with the capability of running two (2) different Windows-based operating systems

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