Assessment Of The School 's Implementation Of This Is This Anyway?

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Characteristic: What is this anyway?? Assessment of the school’s implementation of this: (yes/no and explanation)
1. Interdisciplinary teams of teachers and students Each team consists of four core subjects and one team leader. The team has an average of 6 teachers with one EC teacher. The student schedules rotate depending on what team they’re on. The structure of my school is based on grade level teams. My team consists of 7 teachers, including the EC teacher.
2. Team planning time scheduled daily Team planning is used to discuss ways to support students with academic or behavior problems. Team planning generally turns into a venting session. The only positive is each team can provide current parent contact information and discuss strategies that work with each student.
3. Flexible scheduling like block, with freedom to control times among team members The schedule created allows teachers to differentiate instruction based on the types of classes (foundations, standard, standard plus, and honors). Also, it allows more structure on the hall and teachers can communicate throughout the day. My school does a great job allocating instructional and recess time. The structure decreases chaos during class change and it divides the grade level as students should only be in the vicinity of where their classes are located (Team A Hall).

4. Advisory

Providing consistent support to assist students with social, emotional, or academic needs. The support team…

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