Essay Assessing Prior Knowledge And Planning Instruction

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Section I: Reflecting on Assessing Prior Knowledge and Planning Instruction
In order for students to be successful in this lesson, students must have had previous practice with basic addition and subtraction. Prior knowledge and experience with addition and subtraction equations, will be quickly reviewed at the beginning of the lesson, before getting started with the word problems. This information gathered from the review, will be used to assist students in understanding that we are still using addition and subtraction within the word problems. This information may also be used to help the teacher understand where each child is at within their skills, to give extra support as needed.
The content should be taught at this grade level, because it meets Arizona mathematics standards for the first grade level. This skill will need to be acquired before second grade. The objective aligns with the standards, because they deal with the same idea of using numbers within 20 to practice addition and subtraction word problems. This lesson may be taught before the middle of the school year. The children just need practice with addition, subtraction and must have some reading skills, before starting this lesson.
Section II: Reflecting on Designing Instruction (InTask Standards 7 and 8)
I will be reviewing prior knowledge, modeling and demonstrating, guiding a whole group practice, and allowing students to practice individually with my support. I am using these methods because I have…

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