Askari Bank Case Study

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Askari Bank has a vibrant and progressie HR philosophy. The bank has confidence in changing its human capital into a key foundation of competitive advantage. Askari Bank considers that interest in human capital is basic for accomplishing and maintaining development.

Askari Bank is attempting to accomplish Business Level Competitive Strategy, which will help them in reinforcing the organizations long-term focused position in the commercial center. The bank is utilizing Human Resource as a key weapon, which will help them in accomplishing present and future goals.

The HR director says that we are determined to give a vigorous environment, society, work fulfillment, opportunity and pay that draws in and holds exceptional people.

At Askari
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Askari Bank trusts that by uniting their aggregate skill, understanding and polished methodology, they will become grow independently and succeed collectively.


The sources of recruitment can be characterized into two sorts:

1. Internal Job Posting

Documenting an employment opportunity from inside of the firm has the benefits of fuelling readiness for conceivable transfer, or advancement and expanding the general level of confidence.

2. External Job Posting

Askari Bank additionally goes to outer hotspots for positions whose particulars cannot be fulfilled by the present work force. The bank utilizes the below mentioned sources of external recruitment:

• Advertising

• Employment Agencies

• Casual Applications

• Leasing
The selection process at Askari Bank varies from position to position. It is intended to adequately coordinate an individual 's information, abilities, intrigues and encounters to those required for a specific position.


After an employee has been received, chosen and enlisted, he or she should next be progressed to better fit the job and the
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The bank gives a wide range of banking services to the goverenment and private sector.

At present, Askari Bank is setting a high need on automation and IT improvement. The bank is moving its center from routine individual organization to HR improvement, with due accentuation being put on the discretionary usage of existing HR. Spurring pay structures and execution in light of incentives were additionally acquainted with improved efficiency of the employees. Furthermore, targeted appraisal systems are being found to encourage straightforward evaluations and advancements.

Askari Bank is dealing with the restructuring program to make the bank more appealing with the inevitable point of privatization as the biggest bank in the nation with a client base of 8.5 million.

Conclusvely, it can be said that Askari Bank brought an incredible transformation to the banking system of Pakistan by bringing forward new products, embracing all the new strategies and advancements required for an international bank. The bank is wished to assume an indispensable part in the advancement of Pakistan in the 21st century. Its administration and specialists must acknowledge the opposition and difficulties of the millenium through inventive approaches, products and tireless

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