Asian Parents Speech. Essay

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Have you ever been woken up by someone in your ear saying Andreaaa! You get up now or you be late to school, I told you last night to go to sleep early, that’s why you got pimples! Cuz I have, if you haven’t maybe it’s cuz your white. As you probably already know I’m Asian, and I’ve got Asian parents. That’s right I’m going to be talking about Asian parents. By the end of this speech you’d be wishing that you were an undercover spy in an Asian family.

Let’s start, have you ever been to your Asian friend’s house and meet their parents and afterwards you think that they’re the nicest people on earth because they fed you, they gave you juice, made you some milo, they made you some spring rolls to take home, they washed your clothes for
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One morning I woke up “Morning, papa!” then he goes “what’s wrong with your face? It’s so black, don’t go outside! have you been staying out in the sun? I told you before you don’t stay out in the sun” -.- who does that? No one wants hear ‘what’s wrong with your face? It’s so black”

Another thing that you have to know about Asian parents is that they love to party, do karaoke, dance around then afterwards they just talk and talk and talk. There was this one time, my mum invited some of her friends over for dinner, and by “some” I mean about 20 people. Anyways if you ever go to my house you’ll find that it’s not the biggest house, so whenever we have people over, it’s like you’re in a sardines can, just waiting to be opened and emptied out. My aunties are there, my uncles, my mum’s friends, my dad’s friends from work, my mum’s friends from work, I mean everyone’s there, even my mum’s friend’s grandma was there sitting on the couch, singing along to her favourite song, Why! why! Delilah! Anyways it was about 9.30 pm and they were still eating, still talking and spitting at each other’s faces, my mum’s friend’s grandma was still singing her song, while I was in my room, happily and peacefully, listening to music, then my mum barges in, “andreaa! The karaoke stopped playing, can you please fix it and afterwards can you please empty the rubbish bin, it’s full.” I honestly don’t understand the point of karaoke, I don’t know why they like singing so

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