Essay about Asian Immigrants And Asian Americans

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This chapter will examine pertinent literature that is associated with the problems addressed in this thesis. In chapter one, a brief synopsis was outlined regarding how Asian communities viewed law enforcement, and the various types of barriers that has created challenges to recruit Asian-American applicants. As the population of Asians continue to grow in the United States, there has been a greater demand for law enforcement agencies to create police-community rapport with the Asian community. With a larger population of Asian-Americans across the United States, more challenges are placed on police departments to recruit qualified Asian-American officers to mirror the Asian community. The philosophy of community-oriented policing has allowed law enforcement agencies to be more adapting, approachable, representable, and responsive to Asian-American citizens. The purpose of the literature review is to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the complexity and challenges of recruiting Asian-Americans towards a career in law enforcement.
Historical background of the problem
There is a significant yet historical reason, as to why Asian immigrants have very little trust in law enforcement. The lack of trust and confidence between Asian immigrants and law enforcement is one of several reasons why U.S police department struggle to recruit qualified Asian-American officers. Vietnam for instance, has deep cultural roots in Confucianism, and its…

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