Asian Americans And The Asian American Community Essay

1416 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
Nowadays, Asian Americans as a group are labeled as model minorities who have ceased to be subordinate due to their unusual success. This stereotype is destructive because it ignores the diversity within the Asian American community, and considers the entire group to be equally successful. Many Asian Americans are excluded from programs designed to alleviate problems they encounter as minorities. Meanwhile, other racial minority groups are blamed for their low social status because they do not work hard enough like the Asian Americans. In an effort to reflect the diversity of the Asian population in California and fight against the model minority myth, AB 176 was proposed to require “state colleges and universities and a health agency to collect more detailed data on at least a dozen specific Asian nationalities, rather than lumping them together in a single category” (Shyong 2015). Although AB 176 passed unanimously in the state Senate and drew only one dissenting vote in the Assembly, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed it in October 2015. Brown’s veto arouses heated discussion in the Asian American community. The Asian leaders and activists criticize that the category of Asian is absurdly broad, which prevents administrators and activists from creating programs to target struggling students. Undoubtedly, disaggregated statistic should be collected as suggested by AB 176 because the model minority myth not only conveys inaccurate information; it also brings tremendous harm to…

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