Artist Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

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Artist Vincent Van Gogh was born March 30, 1853 in Groot-Zundert, Holland during Post-Impressionism period for artists. Vincent had prosperous family, his father Theodorus van Gogh was a pastor of protestant church, and his mother Anna Cornelia Carbentus was a moody artist and a daughter of King Willem who had bound the first Constitution of Holland. Vincent also had two younger brothers, and three younger sisters. Having lived in strict atmosphere, Vincent had trouble staying away from punishments due to his uncontrollable tempers which later resulted in him being send to boarding schools in the Netherlands when he was 11. Sadly at age 15, Van Gogh was forced to quit school and start working to help out his struggling family.
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This painting was created in 1889, during post-impressionism art movement portraying landscapes. I like this painting because back when art was being created oil on canvas was used to express artist’s feelings and as I learned about Vincent bibliographical history his life was a mix of emotional, and temper problems which lead to creation of “The Starry Night”, a beautiful emotions expressing painting. This painting is represents work of art because of the brilliant color mixture and the smooth fine lines, it expresses the sunrise which most individuals can relate to. The peaceful essence flowing from the town portraits a comfortable scene for any …show more content…
The quality of lines presented throughout the painting are short and smooth echoing a perfectly still night with different emotions. The starry night has some geometric shapes used to create houses, but mostly what is visible are organic shapes going across the sky to the mountains. Even though the artist used darker colors, the mixture of yellow and lights visible in the windows gives the artwork a light scenery, with a narrow value range since there is no direct light focused on any part the painting. Also there is a flat light used because there is little or no change in light across surfaces, which gives the artwork a flat appearance. I believe that the Starry night has an actual rough surface because oil on canvas creates a visible lines that a paint brush creates, and actual texture can be felt with your hands. Vincent used overlapping method to create an illusion of space by painting bush in front of everything else, followed by houses behind house. It looks like he was staring out of the window of the asylum he was in. Van Gogh 's use of white and yellow creates a spiral effect and draws attention to the sky. Throughout the painting Vincent used different color hues to express his emotions, which lead to creation of popular

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