Pros And Cons Of AI: Machine Learning

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AI: Machine Learning
By Taha Shakeel, B12101132
[1]Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science. We can define it as something other than ourselves example a machine, depicting intelligence. The word intelligence is vague and does not provide with a solid explanation as to what is intelligence. It can be summed up to say a computational model displaying rationality, human like behavior. It can also be thought of as “The extension of human intelligence through the use of computers, as in times past physical power was extended through the use of mechanical tools”. There is a test designed by Turing consisting of two people and an interrogator who must decide if the two people are male or female or either, though controversial it may answer the question if computers can think. So designing a computer that is intelligent means it can be like us learn, adapt and that is the core concept of
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A statistics term which means what it sounds. Loads of data from which patterns and results are inferred. Examples include visits to sites, social networking, and trends of people. Both techniques have its pros and cons and should be used depending on the type of problem and the kind of data available for processing. [3]
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