Challenges In Nursing Informatics

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When researching articles for this week’s assignment I decided to focus on two aspects of nursing informatics, why nurses need to understand informatics and challenges in nursing informatics. The first article I read was titled “Why Nurses Need to Understand Nursing Informatics”. This article was fantastic and helped pull together everything from our readings this week. This article stresses the importance of informatics within all disciplines of nursing and how important it is for nurses to understand the relevance of nursing informatics within their practice. There were three particular practices that the discussed, clinical practice, nursing education, and nurse executives. In clinical practice, nursing informatics can be used to monitor …show more content…
This article discussed the evolution of nursing documentation and the revolutionary transformation of nursing documentation. There is an increase in the amount of information that is essential in providing quality/safe care to our patients, and pressure is being increased for healthcare systems to improve efficiency/effectiveness. The article gave a slight background on how the U.S. is moving quickly towards the widespread use of information technology (IT) and how the government is implicating laws to ensure the progress of this. The article also touched on a few challenges in nursing informatics such as how prepared will the next generation of nurses be working in such a technology-rich environment, how comfortable will nurses be working with computerized data, and the ability of nursing students to learn the skill of documenting data (Fuller, …show more content…
I actually learned a lot from these articles and from the reading this week. I never realized just how much of health care informatics ties into the whole nursing process. We gather data and information, put into the system, acquire knowledge through trends or patterns, and over time gain wisdom within our profession. I see now how the nursing process and the computer systems that we use are actually similar to one another. I also realized that there are some minor bumps in the road of informatics, but it is amazing how much it has contributed to my profession and how much it has improved patient

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