Article Review : ' Part Time Employment Undermines Students '

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Harmful Character Building
Steinberg starts with the research. Comparisons of students who work a lot versus those who barely work or don’t at all. Contrasts between the student’s grades, time spent on homework, how often they cut class, or pay attention in class. In three sentences, Laurence Steinberg tells the reader what he 's going to talk about how employment affects student achievement, and describes the various ways he has supported his opinion. In Mr. Steinberg’s article entitled, “Part-Time Employment Undermines Students Commitment to School,” he asks the question, “When students increase their work hours, does their commitment to school decline as a result?” He illustrates how employment harms schooling through, time taken through work, a lack of sleep, the excitement of earning money, and drugs and alcohol. A major way working harms student’s commitment to school is through the time taken to work. Schooling is hard. It takes a lot of time and effort, and many times when some of that time is used for a job students try to compensate in order to make up for lost time. In Mr. Steinberg’s article he says that some ways students “cut corners” are, “taking easier classes, copying assignments from other students, cutting classes, or refusing to do work.” Over time these practices become habits, and slowly the students lose their commitment to schooling. Students working also leads to a lack of sleep. Picture…

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