Should Students Work Way Through College Essay

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Should Students Work Their Way Through College? Although the cost of education is taking a large uprising; fewer students are working while going to school. What is the cause of this? The majority of us don’t know. It can be that working while going to school can be hard to balance or that it causes a large stress load. Academics often trump working, at all costs. To achieve an enjoyable and knowledgeable college experience, students should not work their way through school. Students should focus only on working, or dedicating themselves to college and progressing towards their careers.
In his article, “Fewer Students Are Working Their Way through College”, Victor Luckerson “cites data from the Labor Department, saying that the Wall Street
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They also want time to study, and to interact with other students with the same classes to enhance learning and to practice and develop better cognitive skills. Some classmates that I’ve spoken with that don’t have jobs often talk about how dedicating themselves to only school and not having a job gives them more time to do school work, and allows them to put 100% into it. Doing this can help students remember more information through their college experience, and will allow students to open themselves to higher marks/grades, rather than restricting themselves with time. They also mention how they are more focused than other students who work; and are overall less stressed; more relaxed, and get more sleep which all supports academic success. From experience I can say that this highly accurate. Working and going to school can often take away from being involved with family members. Students who aren’t working in college have time to be more family oriented, and to be involved in more family events, which helps their overall performance because there are less worries and more support from the outside

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