Article Case Reports : One Woman 's Account Of Having Her Confidentiality Violated

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Kluemper, N. S. (2014). Published case reports: One Woman’s account of having her confidentiality violated. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 29(18), 3232-3244.

This journal article is a personal account of someone whose confidentiality was broken indirectly. The writer had suffered sexual abuse as a young girl and the parent’s divorced and went through a custody battle. The custody battle was long and brutal. The girl had reported to her dad that she was sexually abused by her mother and a court appointed psychologist was ordered to interview the family members. The father was awarded sole custody and gave consent to the psychologist permission to use the case as research and training for child sexual abuse. Later another psychologist wanted to contradict the first psychologist findings so she hired a private investigator and had the writer’s life investigated. Although the first psychologist had permission the later did not. She knowingly reported an article about her life in detail. After the writer tried to sue her she lost and had to pay a half a million dollars in lawyer fees, causing the writer to lose her house, career, and vehicle.

The clinical assessment of this article is that it this is a personal account of what happened. The article does have some biases in the article and may be skewed do to the personal attachment to the situation. The target population is directed toward professionals in the helping industry such as: counselors, psychologist, and…

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