Arthur Potttinger Case Study

If Arthur Pottinger had his way, his favorite sister Denise would have achieved her goal to become a registered nurse after studying for four years at Kingston School of Nursing. From as far back as he could remember the family supported nursing as Denise 's career choice. At five years of age the last girl and sixth child of the family had decided on Nursing. Then Vera Pottinger Denise 's sister relocated to Kingston , the big city and everything changed.

Alexander Pottinger managed a fifty-acre farm in Salem, a well-known coastal village in St Ann, rural Jamaica. He lived with his wife Lavinia Pottinger and their seven children, Arthur, Claude, Gladys, Eric Veda, Denise and Victor.

Eight-year-old Denise, the favorite and last girl, often
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In February, a notice on the church 's bulletin board invited applications for employment in the leather industry from able-bodied persons who wished to migrate to Espania, Arthur seized the opportunity to leave and he and Claude applied. Four months later, on June 25, Arthur and Claude, Mr. Pottinger 's two oldest sons said a hurried goodbye to the family, and Meme, Arthur’s fiancé and took flight to Espania. Caleb, Arthur’s assistant replaced him as a supervisor in the dairy. Although she would miss her big brother, Denise loved to hear of foreign countries. Her vivid imagination conjured up images of beautiful places, people and things. Denise envisioned the unknown Espania as a fantastic place full of opportunities. She cried and Arthur comforted her with the solemn promise to write often and send her beautiful frilly dresses, shiny patent leather shoes and beautiful brown dolls from …show more content…
He still rode Rosco around the farm to supervise workers. It was imperative that the workers pick and husk the required quota of coconuts for export and have ready, three hundred gallons of milk for sale each day. The viability of the farm depended on the sale of those commodities. Workers reaped from the mango, banana, avocado and other fruit trees on the property for personal use, but the income from coconuts and milk kept the farm profitable. Things changed after Arthur left the farm. Milk production decreased. Caleb said the cows missed Arthur,

“I’m sorry that all my children have left home. I miss them.” Alex told Lavinia, “Alex you know they had to choose their way.”
“You are right. I am just saying that it is harder for me since they have left. Anyway, my loss is their gain. I’m happy that they are pursuing opportunities to improve their lives and that is a good thing, although none of the seven chose

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