Art Museum Visit Reflection Paper

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Museum Visit Reflection Paper Art is a fascinating experience when one receives the chance to experience it in person. Bakersfield California has an amazing museum called Bakersfield Art Museum. They have many different types of art to see and learn about. One particular collection The Bakersfield Art Museum displays is called Eight Decades of Painting by Edward Reep. This is the main exhibit in the museum. The Edward Reep collection was found to be the most intriguing of all. Through his collection, a very fascinating story is told of his life.
Edward Reep, 4th Street Santa Monica One painting hanging in the art gallery by Edward Reep called the 4th Street Santa Monica it is an oil painting he painted in the 1940’s. This painting shows Reep’s interest in Cubist structure developed by Pablo Picasso and George Braque. One can see the artist works out complicated interplays of formal balance between geometric shapes and dramatic colors. Reep uses expressive qualities of light and color. In the painting, dark colors are used to give it a gloomy feel. Edward Reep was born in 1918 in Brooklynn New York. While growing up in Southern California he studied watercolor with Stanley Reckless and Barse Miller. During world war II he became a combat artist for the army. Reep became famous for his combat paintings he painted, of what was going on around him during the war. The paintings became property of the war department. The war paintings he painted after…

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