Art And Philosophy Of Nursing Research Paper

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The Art and Philosophy of Nursing as I Know It Some may say that nursing is a form of art. The skills, critical judgment, and diverse knowledge performed by a nurse take the same time, devotion, and patience that of an artist with their grand masterpiece. In this paper, I will bring out to light my personal nursing philosophy, my drive, and some well-known nursing practice topics.
Choice of Nursing Nursing has broadened my horizons, my hunger for personal satisfaction and knowledge has shown me who I am and who I can be. The opportunity to expand my education in the subject matter of science has given me the chance to grow as a professional in my community. Nonetheless, the puzzle pieces you put together about the anatomy and philosophy of the human body is what fascinates me of this profession. There are many reasons why I decided to do nursing, the autonomy of the job description described
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The primary motivation of nursing should consist of the desire to take care for the ill, either the patient that was just born or preparing comfort measures for the dying. The core of nursing in my opinion should be that of caring. To care for the sick one must represent, advocate, and uphold the profession ethical standards at all times. Moreover, Kristen Swanson’s Theory of Caring, offers an explanation of what it means to practice nursing in a caring manner. Caring is defined as a nurturing way of relating to a valued other towards whom feels a personal sense of commitment and responsibility (Masters, 2017, p.76). With this big commitment and responsibility our ethical practices will come in to play. Medical ethical practices should always come hand in hand in nursing, for it is the most profound core value of the nursing

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