Essay on Art And Music Teachers Begging Their Students

1388 Words Dec 11th, 2015 6 Pages
Every year, it is painful to see art and music teachers begging their students to pay just a little more than the material fee, saying that it is donation to the school. They always resort to bribing the students with extra credit given to only those who paid it within the first two weeks, and even then majority of the students do not pay. Sometimes, even with the meager donations they get from outside, the school cannot fund the course and end up cutting them. As an art major, I feel concerned and irritated that every year students of every level of education face less and less opportunities to take creative art classes. It seems logical to take Science, Technology, English, and Math classes, or STEM classes for short, taking into consideration that we are in the beginning of the digital generation. With the mindset of thinking that art classes and extracurricular programs are unnecessary in school, laying off teachers and cutting off classes based on practicality makes it feel like the school is segregating “the promising” scientists and “the incompetent” artists. But why do the creative art classes have to be the courses that gets cut? They are just as important to students as English and Math classes are. Although the person on my right might say some other reason, my reason to be in art class is that it is the only class that I feel comfortable in. It is the only place where I can think the most, work efficiently and can do anything I want, as much as I want,…

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