Arrow Shirt Brand Case Study

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The present case talks about the brand revitalization of Arrow shirt brand in Indian markets. Arrow has come up to be one of the top brands in Indian markets even after facing stiff completion with other big companies. Arrow is a foreign brand and had licensed its sales to Arvind Mills in India. In the beginning there were misconceptions about the brand among Indian consumers for which many strategic steps were taken by the brand. Slowly, it gained success and became one of the best shirt brands in India. But for further growth and revitalization, it needs to know what worked for the brand which is still not crystal clear yet.
Arvind mills was set up by three brothers – Kasturbhai, Narottambhai and Chimanbhai at the time of Swadeshi
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A preliminary look at the marketplace was enough to discern that consumers’ preference was changing rapidly. Being a pioneer in premium readymade garments that took over the traditional tailor paid off in the short run, but its own image of being a ‘voice of authority’ with a premium quality offering without much scope to be in touch with the dynamic youth allowed the brand to dilute. What was considered the best in men’s office wear/formal wear no longer attracted the target market segment. Working male professionals in the 25-35 years age group were now looking towards more youthful and colorful brands – which the competitors readily provided.
The move of Arrow’s strategy to reposition itself as a truly American brand, an “expert in menswear” in order to compete or regain the lost market share is the most complex issue. It was not changing as fast as the market demanded. Also, Arrow itself had to undergo a perception makeover from a product-centric to catering the broader “lifestyle” to serve the complex and dynamic consumer
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As mentioned Arrow invested in increasing the distribution outlets. Due to this increasing visibility of the brand it is difficult to perceive the brand as premium. This is evidenced by the Exhibit 3 which shows that the consumers are considering Arrow to be the most easily available brand but not as premium as Louis Phillipe or Van Heusen. Reducing the distribution and instead increasing the advertisement budget may increase the brand’s popularity. Also Arrow can work on changing the store layouts, so as to bring a signature style of selling and to express the brand persona of being a brand for young professionals. The look and feel of all the Arrow stores should be imprinted in the customers’ minds by providing them with a unique buying experience. One of the niche areas, the company can concentrate on is enhancing the line and products of Arrow Sport and Arrow Women. The company has a large scope of increasing their sales in these two domains of women and sports, which can be achieved by market promoting and

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