Essay on Army. Corrective Training for Infractions

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Accountability And Professionalism
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Army Leadership is only effective when accountability is practiced. Individuals that aren't accountable for their own actions are victims not leaders. When Army Leaders are practicing and enforcing individual accountability maximum performance and success results.

The question I must ask my self is, “can I accept responsibility for the outcomes expected of me?” Whether they're good or bad, I cant blame anyone but myself. I cant blame the external environment. I have to believe that I am responsible for all the things that I could have done or still can do to change the outcome.

The decisions that I made that incurred my own dilemma. I made the decision to stay up too late which made it difficult almost impossible for me wake up on time for PT. I made the decision to purchase unreliable used tires. I made the decision to leave for PT without allowing myself time to account for any inconveniences along the way. Therefore, being late because I had to run to an air pump. Lastly, I made the decision to comprise a paper that didn't meet the counselor's intent. In my opinion, my paper allowed me to think about my previous actions and what plan of action I can take to not perpetuate any further mistakes. My paper didn't specifically cover explicitly the areas the counselor's assigned.

The ethical entity

Professionalism is the standards, methods and practice of a professional, an

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