Sexual Violence Research Papers

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Have you ever wondered how people could be so cruel as too taking advantage of someone & seeing no wrongdoing in there actions? A lot of sexual violence comes from people who have been hurt in there passed. Hurt people hurt people, people who are usually enforcing the pain upon someone may have been through a traumatizing experience themselves. In a person’s life after they have been sexualy assualted or abused they go through a time in there life where it affects their physical and their mental health. There is not just sexual assault towards women which is often mistaken because right away women are victimized as if they are the only ones who get abused which in most cases it isn’t true. If you may not know what sexual violence is, itś when someone forces or manipulates someone else into unwanted sexual activity without their consent. This could be with a spouse or anyone you know. It could be a family which as heartbreaking as it sounds it happens. It could be a stranger or someone you are even friends with. It happens to every and anyone such as a baby, a child, a teen, an adult, even the elderly. Forms of sexual violence consists of rape or sexual assault, child sexual assault or incest, intimate partner sexual assault, unwanted sexual contact/ …show more content…
Meaning that even women or men who act out or are prostitutes should be targeted. Just because that’s their lifestyle doesn’t mean that they can be victimized or targeted. You never know maybe that’s all they could do. Another thing that people like to take advantage of, is that when someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs that is not an invitation for sexual assault either. Sexual assault can occur in heterosexual or same- gender relationships. It does not matter whether there is a current or past relationship between the victim and offender; unwanted sexual activity is still sexual assault and is a serious

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