Argumentative Essay: TEX-Mex's Home

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Texas is the biggest state in the southern of the USA. Texas is very famous all over the world because its delicious food. In all kinds of delicious food, TEX-MEX food is one of the most important one. If you come to visit Texas, you must taste some authentic flavor of the original styles of TEX-MEX. If you want to taste TEX-MEX food, you must go to the restaurant TEX-MEX’s Home.
TEX-MEX’s Home is in the center of Austin, the capital city of Texas. It’s located in the downtown business center. The superior geographical position makes the restaurant has nearly ten thousand customers every day. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Texas. The boxes in TEX-MEX’s Home are bright and spacious. You can have a rest in TEX-MEX’s Home after shopping. You can also have a good time here with your family at the weekend. You can have a business negotiation here. In a word, TEX-MEX’s is really a good place to visit.
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TEX-MEX gets the flavor of Mexico, Indian and Anderw. People use a lot of meat, beans, pepper and corn tortillas to make traditional TEX-MEX food. TEX-MEX food is loved by the people in Texas and visitors from all over the world. The TEX-MEX food in TEX-MEX Home’s is very traditional. The customer think highly of the food in this restaurant. In many kinds of dishes, corn tortillas is the most characteristic one at TEX-MEX’s Home. The way to make corn tortillas is similar to the spring rolls in China. But the corn tortillas is more chewy than spring roll because of cornmeal. The cook mix corn flour and flour evenly. Then they will add lard to make the corn tortillas more fragrant. People can add anything they want into the corn tortillas. They can add meat and beans to make the corn tortillas become a traditional TEX-MEX food. They also can add something else to make the corn tortillas become a special

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