How Does White Sugar Affect Your Body

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WHITE SUGAR My father died of diabetes because he was putting too much white sugar in his coffee everyday. Hence, I developed a phobia regarding the use of white sugar. I never touch anything which contains white sugar such as cakes, soft drinks, ice cream, chocolates, candies, gums, etc. My body, of course, needs sugar. So I give my body the right kind of sugar which comes from carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. I know this is a kind of extreme behavior for most people, which borders on paranoia. But then you cannot really be too careful about your health, can you? After all, according to the Catholic church, you only live once. If that is true, then it makes good sense to really take good care of your health so you can really enjoy your short life. Besides, health is really wealth. Now, why is white sugar bad for your body? Because it is a toxin and is one of the major causes of the dreadful disease called diabetes, that is why. If you want confirmation of this fact simply ask those victims of this dreadful disease. It is dreadful because it adversely affects all the organs of your body, according to my internist wife who is a diabetic. It affects even your eyes …show more content…
The air was pure because there were no smoke belching vehicles to pollute the air. Everybody, either traveled by foot or availed of animal-drawn vehicles. The water was pure because it came from pure underground river. Hence, the water is an authentic mineral water. The food they ate consisted mostly of fresh vegetables and fruits untouched by chemical fertilizers. Their kitchen utensils were made of clay pots and plates and laddles were made of coconut shells. They have no spoons and forks because there was no need for them. They were using their hands for eating – which is, by the way, the best way to eat. Even the soap they used for bathing during those days consisted of bark of trees that produced soap-like bubbles when wet. They called it

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