Video Game Violence: Favorable Or Damaging?

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Video Games Violence? Favorable or Damaging?
Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. Over years the sales just continue to increase substantially. Video games have accumulated over around 46 billion dollars in revenue throughout the years. Today trend in video games contains violence, which mass of people find entertaining. Video game violence has been a controversial topic throughout the past years. It is still an on-going boiling argument and is still discussed every day. Although people are required to be at the age of eighteen to purchase video games that contains violence, the majority of video games today currently contain violence at some certain degree. Some can go over the boundary or control it at the bare minimum. Nowadays
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She then brings in cases like school shooting or robbery. Once these crimes are committed by children or young teens, people tend to point the blame on violent game as the cause of their motive for doing so. These are just bad assumptions according to Linda and to gamers. She brings in a Psychology Professor named Patrick M. Marley who conducted a study that proves that violent video games do not initiate violence, unless someone has certain characteristic. Surprisingly though, there was no connection to crimes and violent video games. Furthermore, he discovered that crime and homicide rate decreased once a new hit game gets released into the market. He believes that this is the cause of because violent people are attracted to violent media and tend to emulate those violent acts in video games rather than practice it in the real world. Studies also reveal that most people who do commit crimes are certain character traits that makes them criminals. Hence, individuals who play violent video games do not become be influenced by violence depicted in …show more content…
In an article called “Surprising Concern About 3D Video Games”, by Amanda Schupak, she comments that playing video games in 3D have more serious risk than games in 2D. With the new 3D technology it put player in the game. They will feel more immerse into the “virtual world”. 3D gaming shows a great threat to the increase in anger and aggression. She quotes that as video game technology improves, it will have stronger effects on people. Games that involves weapons and killing people compare to non-violence 3D games such as bowling fuels fury, which will translate into assault. An expert named Brad Bushman reported that this new technological advancement could be troublesome. People should be aware of its effect and know be cautious when playing these genre of video

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