Vegan Diet Persuasive Essay

Is a vegan diet really the healthiest way to eat? There is a lot of vegan controversy going around. There is a multitude of vegans claiming that eating vegan is ultimately healthier than a non-vegan diet in every way. Though in some cases this could be true, there are many downsides and overlooked aspects to a vegan diet. A vegan diet is not necessarily healthier because of possible deficiencies, unhealthy vegan lifestyle, and inconsistent data.
In the decision to avoid animal products, vegans are narrowing their ability for getting many different nutrients and opening up possibilities for various deficiencies.
(Concrete Detail)Vegans were found to have more bone fractures because of the likeliness of calcium and vitamin K deficiencies. Calcium is harder to find and harder to absorb from plants. Also, Vitamin K2 is very hard for vegans to obtain
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Third Body Paragraph
Vegans claim lots of benefits which are subjective and found from inconsistent data.
(Concrete Detail)Eating vegan doesn’t necessarily reduce cancer possibility. Vegans claim that a vegan diet significantly reduce all cancer rates/possibilities. This is not exactly true though. Data shows that eating vegan does lower some cancer possibilities, but doesn’t change others and maybe even raises a few (especially when processed vegan foods are taken into account).
(Concrete Detail)There are many other factors that aren’t accounted for when data speaks of vegan diets. Data doesn’t account for other healthy practices that vegans usually undertake with their diets. Many vegans won’t smoke and will not drink excessively due to health benefits and religious practices.
(Concrete Detail)Some vegan sources cherry pick their data.
Though this can be true for both sides, vegans can claim no downsides of a vegan diet, which is not true. This can lead to an unaware vegan lifestyle which can be more harmful than it is

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