Argumentative Essay On The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Justice Ogbonnaya
Mr. Bolivar
Composition 10
29 November 2016

In 1929, the head of the Department of Prohibition wrongly outlawed marijuana because his department was being heavily funded with nothing to do after the prohibition of all alcohol-related products had ended in a failure. So that his funding wouldn’t get taken away, he tried to find something for his department to ban and outlaw. The unlucky winner was marijuana. He fabricated false claims against the drug even though he previously stated that the drug wasn’t very harmful. It negatively affects our society because people that use, grow, and/or sell it nowadays are shunned and imprisoned because of one man’s greed. Now, marijuana is now legal in less than half of the states across America.The illegalization of marijuana also negatively affects us because its creation is left to gangsters and other people who aren’t hindered by the law and aren’t forced to make it safe for human consumption. After the reading this
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The first point is that it would make it safer for the public. The criminalization of marijuana harms people and races associated with it. It spawns violence, corruption, and other criminal activities. Making marijuana illegal also doesn’t stop people from obtaining it, it just makes it more deadly to find. Legalizing marijuana would make it allow the government to educate people on how to grow, test, and consume it more safely. They can’t really do that while it’s illegal. In 2014, the first year that Colorado legalized weed, the amount of out-of-state residents sent to the emergency room for incidents related to cannabis use doubled from 85 to 168. Not having marijuana legalized in their state made them desperate and they ended up hurting themselves. Legalizing weed would have allowed them to not only be educated on how to properly use it, but what the risks are. The second point of the topic is

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