Heart Disease In My Family

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Heart disease is something that devastates families each and every day. My family just so happens to be one of those families. I truly believe that my grandfather was one of the greatest people that lived on this earth. Not a day went by where he wasn’t impacting someones life in some way, he always said that he wanted to show Gods love to everyone and that is exactly what he did in his lifetime. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away unexpectedly at a young age, he died in his own home from a heart attack at age 65. My grandfather dying of a heart attack and then soon after seeing my dad going through an open heart surgery will always be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. When my grandfather died of a heart attack, my family was heart broken and didn’t understand why this was happening. He had never complained of any pains or let us know that anything was wrong, so I’m sure you can understand how unexpected and difficult it was when we lost him. While still trying to understand Gods plan, my dad began complaining that he was getting chest pains. Immediately, we contacted a doctor and began the process of getting his heart checked and making sure he was healthy. The first doctor he went to said that his heart was perfectly …show more content…
He was only in the hospital for three more days after his surgery, when usually the hospital recovery time is two weeks. He was standing up on the second day and walking great on the third. All of the doctors and nurses were amazed by his healing process and how quick it was. When we took him home, he insisted on getting back into training for running. We thought, “Are you crazy? You just had a quadruple bypass open heart surgery three days ago!” That didn’t seem to stop him. On the fifth day, my dad walked a 5k. Slowly but surely he built back up his energy and stamina, finally getting back to his normal

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