Argumentative Essay On Stress And Depression

When I moved from Ohio to Alabama, and then back again, I was lost, all of my pride had been obliterated in two long and drawn out sweeps. By the time both moves were over, I was down in the dumps for around two years due to my stress and anxiety destroying me. I learned how dangerous stress was and how it can have very bad effects on your mind and body. Why did stress cause so many undesirable effects? Well, in short, all kinds of stress are harmful and bad.
First and foremost, when it comes to living a happy life, good mental health is paramount, and stress can have awful effects on one’s mental health. Harry Mills, PhD, acknowledges the great possibility of a connection between stress and depression in the article, “Mental and Emotional Impact of Stress”. Mills describes the science behind it, explaining, “Byproducts of stress hormones can act as sedatives. When such hormone byproducts occur in large amounts, they may contribute to a sustained feeling of low energy or depression”. The connection described gives reason as to how stress can impact one’s mental health for the worse, making them feel depressed. The low energy and depression described can also lead to more dangerous effects in life. Mills also goes on to demonstrate how stress can affect one’s cognitive functioning, saying, “More specifically, stress hormones may decrease the functioning of neurons in a region known as the hippocampus and in the
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Going back to Jennifer Robinson’s article, she explains that stress can play a part in worsening conditions such as diabetes and asthma (Robinson). This demonstrates that the negative effects of stress can also stretch across many layers and can do its evil workings to the body in other ways, through a condition that one may already have. By making pre-existing conditions behave much worse, stress greatly impacts one’s physical health for the

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