Reflective Essay: The Art Of Rhetoric

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Rhetorical situations In the everyday life we are often required to give our opinion about what happens around us or to try to convince people of our opinions and ideas. When we try to convince people of the real importance and validity of our statements, we try to present our thesis making it look better than what it actually is and we change our bias, the arrangement of our word and even the tone of our voices. Therefore, we slightly change our version in order to persuade our interlocutors. This attitude is crucial in rhetoric. Rhetoric, in fact, is the art of communicating using ethos, logos, pathos and kairos, three Greek philosophical concepts that mean ethics, logic, empathy and proportion respectively. Rhetoric, thus, is about communicating an opinion using every useful instrument in order to persuade the interlocutors of the validity of the thesis proposed. As previously affirmed, rhetorical …show more content…
I knew that in order to persuade my mother my subject position should have been focused on pathos and logos, showing her the importance of this party for me and for my friends and and how much I deserved and I wanted to go out and have fun with my friends. Therefore, I approached to her with an almost supplicatory behavior knowing that she is not able to turn down my ideas and requests. I tried to emphasize the hypothetical importance of this party for me leveraging on the emotions. However, my proposal did not work since the logos part was completely absent. In fact, I did not provide her with enough details about the party, the location of the house, the times and the company that I was with, all crucial aspects for a maternal audience. Therefore, my subject position was not enough valid to allow me to get through this rhetorical

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