Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

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Nathan Boyle
English 1101 CC+
Mrs. Shannon Longman
9 December 2016 The legalization of marijuana for recreational use has been a prevalent issue in the United States for many years. Many people on both ends of the spectrum feel extremely passionate about this issue for many reasons. Some say it has benefits and isn’t in the government’s power to make it illegal. Others say that it is a dangerous and harmful drug with negative effects and should be completely illegal. The legalization of marijuana is an ongoing controversial subject in the United States. One of the key points of conflict when it comes to this issue is addiction. It is proven that marijuana is not physiologically addictive, but it can be extremely psychologically addictive
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This is the more commonly accepted standpoint and has more evidence to back it up. This is not to say that marijuana is not bad or harmful, but evidence shows that its is not physiologically addictive. Not only do these sources state that the drug is not addictive, they also state that it has medical benefits and is much less dangerous and addictive than legal substances like alcohol and tobacco. Owen Poindexter states that “Opinions on medical marijuana have shifted dramatically in the last two decades: this year, a slew of mostly conservative states passed laws permitting epilepsy patients to use strains of cannabis high in CBD.” (6 Powerful reasons to Legalize …show more content…
Gabriel Bell states that “There are reports suggesting that the government could make upwards of $7 billion a year by taxing legalized weed much as it does tobacco. There are even some pie-in-the-sky estimates that legalization could create a $100-billion taxable industry overnight, creating tens of thousands of new, completely legit jobs. Certainly, Denver is a good test case.” (12 Reasons Weed Should Be Legal). Critics to that idea who want to keep marijuana illegal voice their opinions that that money is not worth it considering the health effects and other issues. They also may say that $7 billion is not that much money in the grand scheme of things for our nation. Keep in mind that our country is $19 trillion in

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