Argumentative Essay On Healthcare And Capitalism

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Health Care And Capitalism Health insurance has always been a controversial issue in The United States of America. People pay health insurance so they would be taken care of in the event of emergency or illness. With the rising of medical attention in the US, and the insufficiency of wages, “ 33 million Americans, 10.4 percent of the U.S. population, still went without health insurance “(FiveThirtyEight). This gives rise to an important question: Is the American health care system a system Americans can depend on? To answer such question, we must establish standards by which we measure the dependability of a health system; what is it that we need, as a country, for our health system to provide? Although it might sound difficult to make a …show more content…
The government spends a lot of money on the military inside America and military bases outside America which drains the tax money and in my opinion it is a waste of the tax money that people are working for in America. If some of the money used in the military was invested in the health care system, the government would have more funds to create an affordable system that could be easily maintained by a person living off minimum wage. Since 1968, Canada has had a universal health care that covers almost everything except for prescription drugs, glasses, and dental care. It is exactly like the Medicaid in America but it is for all Canadian citizens regardless of their age, wealth, and social status. capitalism is the main system almost most things run by in America, it shouldn’t be like that with health because it is directly related to people’s health but unfortunately it …show more content…
The American one, the world 's most expensive, ranked dead last.” (Khazan) because there is a big number of people who argue that Canada has a better health care system than America, in this study it did not score very well either.
“the fact that most Americans support the idea of universal coverage may either turn out to be one of the most important principles that motivates policy makers, or it may turn out to be largely irrelevant”. (Shaw 153) So, what if the United states of America had the Canadian or a “universal” health care system? Statistics showed to prove that it would give Americans better life quality than what they have now. Although it will not be the greatest system ever, less infant deaths would occur, fewer preventable deaths would happen and almost all adults will be able to afford a health

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