Canadian Universal Healthcare

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Canadian universal health care compared to Obama care will universal health care work in the United States. To being with some facts need to be stated to do a comparison. The Canadian population at thirty five million eight hundred and seventy one thousand is a far cry from the united states at whopping three hundred and twenty five million one hundred twenty seven thousand. The downside of universal health care very long wait to see a doctor even more of a wait to get tests such as MRI, Cat Scan, and even longer for procedures such as surgeries waiting lists are high. Canadian doctors are not paid as much as United States Of America’s doctors my personal belief is that American doctors would not be willing to take a pay cut so that they …show more content…
Now let’s compare the average wages Canadian average wage is nine hundred and forty three dollars a week, averages out to forty nine thousand a year the average wage for an American is twenty seven thousand five hundred and fifty four thousand, dollars Considerably lower than Canada. They only wages that were lower compared to the united states was medical doctors a specialist physician in Canada is at an average of three hundred and fifty thousand now that’s a specialist is right around five hundred and sixty two thousand dollars a year. Our regular family practitioner earns as much as Canadian specialists. Much to my dismay I was always under the impression that Canada had a higher cost of living than the United States but after researching this paper. I have found that the United States of America is at an average of 20% higher cost of living than Canada from consumer prices, restaurants, rent and groceries. When you think it’s only thirty two cents difference in our dollars and mostly there average living wage is much higher it makes those thirty two cents very …show more content…
The big difference is the amount of people and how it would take years to get something like that in place and people won 't like or stand for waiting so long for care doctors or specialists. All good intended plans have flaws and will need to be tweaked to get it right, but I do know a lot of people that couldn’t get health care before because of preexisting conditions are much better now than they were before Obama care. I also know that they elderly who have retired and can’t pay for medications now can afford them due to the affordable care act.
My biggest fear is we will end up removing the affordable care act and all these people elderly and those with previous conditions will end up back where they were. I always was taught to take care of the elderly and the weak.
The elderly are depending on social security and Medicare and a lot of them couldn’t afford their medications on social security. It was a choice of paying bills buying food or medications and with all the work they put in over their lifetime they shouldn’t have a

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