Essay On Factory Farm Animals

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Everyday television commercials play depicting the wonderful lives of animals on factory farms; but this image shown to us could not be any further from the truth. These commercials show animals on big, open, green lots with plenty of space to move around and live. The sad truth is the animals live in confined cages that do not allow them room to turn around, sit, or lie down. The metal bars that contain the animals are just small enough to have the animal touching them at all times. “99% of all United States farm animals are raised on factory farms” (“Factory Farms”). “Every year, 9 billion chickens are slaughtered for meat in the United States” (“Farming Sanctuary”). 1 in every 5 animals on factory farms die from stress and disease …show more content…
The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act of 1978 said all animals are to be made insensible before they are killed (Meat-Packing Industry). This act was put in place to decrease the suffering of animals during slaughter. All of the animals receive a different treatment to rendered insensible because of the variations in size. Many animals are given electrical shocks to immobilize them. “Since the animals are seen as mere commodities, they are bred, fed, confined, and drugged to lay more eggs, birth more offspring, and die with more meat on their bones.” (“Factory Farming”). Dairy cows, on factory farms, are forced to produce 10 times more more milk than normal. On average these dairy cows produce around 100 pounds of milk per day. Between 1965 and 2000, the weight of the average turkey raised for food in the U.S. increased by 57% (“Factory Farms”). “Today’s hen, selectively bred and artificially induced to yield high egg production, will produce more than 250 eggs annually” (“Farm Sanctuary”). To get their hens to produce this many eggs farms force the hens to go through what they call “forced molting”. Forced molting is the process in which farmers restrict the hens from food, water, and sunlight to shock their bodies into starting the egg cycle over

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