Argumentative Essay On Dracula

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Dracula rises from the grave -again. Mutant insects, the product of underground nuclear testing, grow to the size of boxcars and attack our nation's cities. Weird- looking aliens from beyond the stars decide to invade our planet. None of these events, if they ever happened, would surprise horror-movie fans. For years, such moviegoers have enjoyed being frightened by every type of monster Hollywood has managed to dream up, whether it be natural, artificial, or extraterrestrial.

One kind of movie monster is a product of nature. These monsters may be exaggerated versions of real creatures, like the single-minded shark in Jaws or the skyscraper-climbing gorilla in King Kong. They may be extinct animals, like the dinosaurs that terrorize cave dwellers and explorers in movies. Actually, cave dwellers and dinosaurs would never have met, for some unexplained event caused the dinosaurs to become extinct before the cave dwellers existed. "Natural" monsters sometimes combine human and animal features. Cat people, werewolves, and vampires fit into this category; so do Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman. All these monsters seem to frighten us because they represent
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Every giant lobster of house- sized spider that attacks Tokyo or Cleveland is the result of a mad scientist's meddling or a dose of radiation. In these cases, humans interfere with nature, and the results are deadly- Frankenstein's monster, for example, is put together out of spare parts stolen from graveyards. His creator, an insane scientist in love with his own power, uses a jolt of electricity to bring the monster to life .The scientist, along with lots of innocent villagers, dies as a result of his pride. In dozens of other monster movies, creatures grow to enormous proportions after wandering too close to atomic bomb sites. Our real fears about the terrors of technology are given the shape of giant scorpions and cockroaches that devour

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